Our Dedicated Staff

In order to give your children the best possible experience, Ecolint Camps are to devoted to recruiting outstanding, highly experienced staff, many of whom return year after year. We are also proud to be associated with a number of first-rate partners who help us deliver activities which would be otherwise impossible, at a number of locations in the Geneva area.

Did You Know…

The International School of Geneva (Ecolint), founded in 1924, is the oldest and largest international school worldwide, welcoming 4,450 students across our campuses. As an entirely not-for-profit Foundation, humanitarian values such as tolerance, respect and solidarity are at the heart of our mission and we strive to make our students engaged citizens, willing to work for a better world. Learn more on www.ecolint.ch

Practical information

Places are limited in each camp and will be granted on a first-come first-served basis.
Please note, registration closes on the Thursday before the start of the camp.
A nurse is on site throughout the programme. 

Camps Schedule

Summer and Autumn: Camps run from Monday to Friday 
Spring (Easter holidays): Camps run from Tuesday to Friday (Monday is a public holiday)

08:00 - 08:55 Early arrival
09:00 - Camp begins
09:00 - 10:25 Activities
10:25 - 10:35 Break - snacks
10:35 - 12:00 Activities
12:00 - 12:45 Lunch
12:45 - 13:15 Recreational
13:15 - 14:25 Activities
14:25 - 14:35 Break - snacks
14:35 - 17:00 Activities
17:00 - End of camps
17:00 - 17:30 Free extended supervision

Terms and conditions

Nos campus

Photo Campus de la Grande Boissière
La Grande Boissière (Genève - rive gauche)

Situé au cœur de Genève, le campus de La Grande Boissière occupe une magnifique parcelle arborée. Il offre un grand terrain de sport synthétique, des installations sportives intérieures et un magnifique centre des arts.

Photo Campus de la Châtaigneraie
La Châtaigneraie (canton de Vaud)

Le campus de La Châtaigneraie est situé aux abords du village de Founex, dans le canton de Vaud, à 20 minutes de Genève. Entouré de prés et dominant le lac Léman, il offre une vue splendide sur les Alpes et le Jura et de magnifiques installations sportives.

Photo Campus des Nations - Saconnex
Campus des Nations Saconnex (Genève - rive droite)

Le Campus des Nations Saconnex est situé au cœur du quartier international de Genève. Le site de Saconnex est un bâtiment ultramoderne doté d'un grand gymnase intérieur, d'un terrain de basket extérieur et d'aires de jeux spacieuses et modernes.